Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whales and Dolphins

Yesterday was my first ever solo paddle on the ocean. I have paddled solo on ponds and lakes by myself, but never on salt water. Well yesterday was a banner day, or as we'd say here a "large" day, 27C with no wind. I couldn't have asked for any better.

As I left Spreadeagle, I paddled past the eagles nest, where I saw two adult eagles and one young eagle. I kept seeing these 3 all day.

Once I got over into Chapel Arm I saw 2 humpbacks and while I was watching them I noticed on the other side of the arm there were 50+ dolphins making their way out of the arm. So I paddled like hell until I was over among them. WOW, it was crazy, dolphins were jumping about everywhere. It was hard to get a sensible picture, and every time I got near they'd dive and circle around me.

After they left the arm, I went back to where I saw the humpbacks. I got to within 100ft of one, and sat there and watched him for about 20 minutes. It was lying around on the surface of the water, and every now and then it would dive. Very amazing experience and when it dove, I got pretty nervous about where it was going to come up. You can see in one of the pictures the big splash from it thrashing its tail on the surface

After a lunch on the beach at Little Ridge, I made my way back to Spreadeagle, and saw 2 more humpbacks and at least 3 pothead whales.

It was a large day indeed!

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago

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