Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Avalon Wilderness Reserve

On Saturday I hiked from the TCH overland to the edge of the wilderness reserve, had a lunch, picked some blue berries and partridge berries, then hiked back. Altogether it was about 5.5 hrs of walking. I saw two moose, but before I could get my camera out, they were gone out of sight. The landscape reminds me of where I grew up, on the southwest coast of the island.

Here is a pic of me looking out from the top of Inside Hawkes Hill, overlooking the Avalon Wilderness Reserve. You can really see how the glaciers carved out Newfoundland in this area.

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago


Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to hike out this way and found your blog whilst searching for any info on hiking in the Avalon Wilderness Reserve.
Anyway, I have a couple of questions if you don't mind:
1) Where did you park for this hike? I know there is a communication tower in the area and I was wondering if the track to the tower (off the TCH) was OK for a car and if I could park up there.
2) I see from google satellite images that there is a trail going south(ish) from the comms tower towards Inside Hawke Hill - what kind of shape is the trail in?

PS - great photo - that gave me an idea of the terrain in there.

Brian Newhook said...

I'd be happy to answer your questions.
1) I parked right on the TCH at the top of the hill past the Rod and Gun Club (heading east) Not sure if you can drive up that road or not.
2) The trail you are talking about is a quad path thats very easy to follow. The landscape is very barren, so you can pretty much walk wherever you want. I just pointed myself towards Hawke Hill and started walking.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response - much appreciated.