Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kayaking in Croatia Slideshow

At 7:30pm tonight at the Guv'nor Pub in St John's, I am giving a presentation on our kayaking trip in Croatia. Neil Burgess is also doing a presentation on his paddling trip in Venice.

This is an event for the Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador Club

If you live in this neck of the woods, drop in. For those who don't, I'll be uploading the slideshow here soon.



abduk said...

Dobra dahn!
Love to see the shot's. It's been years since I was in Split/ Zagreb.

Brian Newhook said...

Croatia is amazing. I've been to over 20 countries, and so far, its my favourite. Paddling there is magical. I'll get those pics up as soon as I can.

abduk said...

Sounds good. I have to say my favorite spot over in that region was maribour Slovenia. Nov 11th isnt rememberance day its st. martins day where the "water turns to wine". everywhere you go they are giving you huge bottles to come drink with em. It's a local festival and not ruined by tourist really.

nice river there I wish I was into kayaking back then!

Tony said...

Great presentation last night Brian. Anyone who wasn't there missed out. Thanks!

Tony :-)

Brian Newhook said...

Thanks for the comments. I really enjoyed sharing my photos and stories of our trip. I'll try to get something posted on my blog soon.