Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chance Cove to Rantem

On Monday evening Trent and I did a short evening paddle from Chance Cove to Rantem and back, a total distance of about 10kms. It was a beautiful evening, not a breath of wind and just a minor swell. With the high tide it made for a bit of fun rock hopping.There were a lot of eagles around, more than I've seen in any other part of the island. At one point we counted 7 on the cliffs and trees around us.

Anyhow, here are some pics. I had an old 3MP camera with me, so they aren't the best.

Spectacular coastline

Heading for a keyhole to the other side

Trent timed this one just right.....I didn't when it was my turn

Blow hole. Some video of it here

Pretty neat

Cliffs near Chance Cove

Secluded beach

On the way to Rantem

Some big overhangs

Going through one of the doors

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Lee said...

were doing this trip asa overnight on sat-sun from chance cove up to bullarm island and return. looks like a great paddle. we just finished up our new harbour-bellevue trip.awesome trip.