Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Hike, Bellevue to Chance Cove

No paddling again this weekend, but I did get outside for a few hours. Yesterday, Trent, Ringo the dog, and I hiked from Bellevue Beach Park to Chance Cove and back. It was an interesting hike, and took about 4 hours. I'd say we walked at least 11kms, but probably more due to amount of detours around felled trees and losing the trail, finding our way back onto some sort of trail. Hurricane Igor laid a beating on this area. and there wasn't much of a trail along the way.

There is a short trail leaving the park, heading towards Chance Cove, and there is a short coastal trail in Chance Cove, and the idea was to bushwack our way from one to the other. Almost the whole way turned out to be a bushwack, thanks to Igor.

The "trail" basically follows the coastline, most of which are high cliffs that lead you down to some really nice beaches along the way.

The starting point is the lookout in the Park.

This is what the trail looked like most of the way. Thanks Igor

This culvert used to below to the road not far from here. Igor completely washed away the road in this area, but has since been repaired.

The first beach we encountered. Very nice.

Ah, the wonderful signs of nature. About 20 car wrecks strewn in a row near the pole line. Hurray for mankind.

A cow moose checking us out. She was lying on the middle of the trail, having a snack. She didn't pay much attention to us, so we watched for 5 minutes or so, then made a detour around here. Below is a short video of the encounter:

A picture of a picture being taken

To get down into one of the coves, someone put a rope to help you out. Nice touch.

A view from on top of the cliffs
What a cool spot

Nice secluded beach

Pretty impressive sea stack

And to cap it off, a rainbow.

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Brad James said...

Great blog post Brian. I'm a wildlife/nature photographer living in Conception Bay South. I would really love to know how to get to the sea stack in this post. Its not often you can get near a sea stack by shore so it would be amazing to photograph it. Any chance you could help me out?
You can see my work at
I really hope to hear back from you.