Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Belize Trip - Day #2 Snorkeling at Water Caye

On day 2, we got up at sunrise to head outside the reef and do some snorkeling. We were told that early morning is the best time, so we followed that advice. After about 10 mins of paddling we were outside the reef and dumped over the sides of our boats. We used a technique call 'drift snorkeling', where you tow your boat behind you by the bowline. Two things to watch out for: getting tangled in your bowline, or someone else's. Also watch for getting too close to the reef and getting pummeled onto the reef by waves.

So much life everywhere you look

Lots of beautiful Coral

Brain Coral

Spotted Eagle Ray


Be careful when walking on the beaches. Lots of stingrays around
My flippers tore the crap out of my toes. Make sure your flippers fit nice and snug, or this could happen to you!

That was how we spent the morning, and that's all I have time to post right now. Lots more to come!

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