Monday, April 29, 2024

Colliers to Bull Cove and Back

 Saturday morning, the Windy app was calling for light winds, becoming 20 gusting to 40 from the Northeast by noon. So I figured we'd be able to get a quick paddle in. I chose this area because it was facing NE, meaning we'd have the wind at our backs on the return. Plus I'd never paddled there, and I always like to see something new. 

I reached out to my buddy Trent and he was good to join me, so that was great. Always better to have a buddy than paddle alone, especially this time of year. 

It was cold morning, so we actually had to paddle through a couple millimeters of ice for about a km. Took a while for the fingers to warm up, and I started to notice my right foot was a little colder than the other. 

I'm also trying to get used to how my Rockpool handles. It was great to try it out in a decent following sea. The wind started a little earlier than expected and I did notice my hands got pretty cold during our lunch stop. Took me 10 mins of paddling to get them warmed up. I was thankful for my pogies, but discovered that my sealskin waterproof gloves were no longer waterproof. 

We hit the water just before 9, and were off the water just before noon, about 14kms total. I'm slowly getting my sea legs back!

No wind in the morning

Snack break at Bull Cove

Some nice wind waves by noon!

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