Friday, July 13, 2007

My homeland, Burnt Islands

When we landed in Port Aux Basques, we had some time to spare before driving back to Whitbourne, so we decided to drive down good ol' Route 470 to my hometown, Burnt Islands. In between Isle Aux Mortes and Rose Blanche, it doesn't show up on most maps or tour guides, however it does have a fantastic paddling area called Grandy Sound, about 1 km past the town. A salmon river feeds into a big estuary and into the ocean, and this is where we launched. Not a lot of beaches along the Southwest coast, so sometimes it can be hard to find a place to launch. This area is always sheltered, with protection from all the islands in the area. There are many islands and coves to explore, and even a small waterfall to check out. I wish we had more time to explore there.

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago

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