Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spread Eagle, Trinity Bay

Yesterday evening, myself and Trent Hardy paddled from Spread Eagle, Trinity Bay (near South Dildo). The wind was SW 15-20 knots, so we were well sheltered for the most part, hugging the shoreline and heading towards Chapel Arm. Altogether we paddled approx. 10-11km, and it took us about 2 hrs, including some rolling/rescue practice on the beach at the end of our paddle. This coastline is amazing, and its only 10 minutes from where I live. There are some neat little coves to go into and a few beachs along the way for a lunch break. Lots of boats were out enjoying the food fishery, and this is a popular place to try for a few fish.

A little different this time, Trent took most of the pictures with his camera, as most of mine didn't turn out due to a dirty lens. Gotta remember to wipe it more often!

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago.


Me pointing the way

Dildo Island off in the distance

Below is Wigwam Rock

Interesting Rock :-)

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