Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gros Morne in the Fall

Last week after our wedding, Angie and I spent a week in Gros Morne relaxing. Didn't get to do any paddling, but we did a few short hikes and snapped a few photos.


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NL-ExPatriate said...

If you want to save Gros Morne then tell Ottawa to abide by the constitution and stop capitulating to Quebecs dog in the manger attitude towards NL.

Quebec wants the same deal on the Lower Churchill they got under duress and through a conflict of interest on the Upper.

No More conflicts of interest!

Report on negotiations leading up to Upper Churchill contract and the identified Conflict of interest by Hydro Quebec and the Duress CFLCO was under to sign. Take it or leave it.

Study done exposing how Hydro Quebec gets 2 BILLION a year from the Upper Churchill contract.

Video of presentation on what is going to happen when the automatic renewal, EXTENSION clause comes up on the Upper Churchill Contract in 2016.