Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seattle at Night

Last week I was in Seattle at Todd Pacific Shipyard for some training. It was a very busy week and I hardly got to see the city during daylight, but I did manage to get this nice shot of the city at night. I was hoping to get up to the San Juans for some paddling, but when I'm on the company's dime things just don't work out some times.

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago


Tony said...

That is a cool shot Brian. What camera settings did you use?

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Wow Brian that is an excellent shot. I actually ate up there in the Space Needle. They have or at least had a neat little science museum or intereactive displays below in a seperate building I think. Spins pretty slow though.


Brian Newhook said...

Thanks guys. I used the automatic settings on my Canon Rebel to simply turn the flash off. I was amazed at how good it came out. I got that camera last year, and still know very little about it, or photography in general for that matter.
I think I just got lucky :-)
I never got a chance to go up in the Needle, but it looked and sounds pretty cool. Maybe on my next visit.