Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

I often have trouble embracing winter. The fact that I commute the 85kms each way everyday from Whitbourne to St John's for work doesn't help anything. Getting to work in the dark, and getting home in the evening in the dark is depressing.

However there are a few activities that I enjoy in the wintertime. Over the Christmas break me, Trent and his dog, Rooster got out for a walk in the woods near Whitbourne, to a place called Big Overfalls. As always, we have a fire and a little lunch. Nothing like a lunch in the woods!

It was my first time into the falls, and I hear its a great swimming spot in the summer. It looked pretty neat with all the ice that had formed around it.

Hopefully I 'll get into a pool session next week, I'm itching to try out my new paddle!

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago

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