Monday, October 26, 2009

Two Rivers, One Day

On Saturday myself, Trent and his black Lab, Rooster paddled two small rivers on the Avalon. In the morning we paddled part of the Salmonier River and in the afternoon we paddled part of the Hodge River, near Whitbourne. Its been constantly raining for the past 3 weeks, so these small rivers, which are normally too shallow to go down in a canoe, had plenty of water for a fun ride.

On the Salmonier River, we departed from behind The Wilds golf course, and paddled as far as the first bridge in St Catherines, about 7-8kms. This took us about 2 hrs, with a short break to stretch our legs and play fetch with Rooster.

Class "-1" rapids :-)

Rooster play fetch

Condemned bridge in St Catherines

On the Hodge River, we left from the bridge in Markland and paddled to the second bridge that crosses the river, about 5.5 kms, which took us about 2.5 hrs, including a lunch stop and a 1/2 km portage back to the car from the bridge.

Its amazing what dogs can haul out of a river

Me and Rooster

Rooster fetches a big stick

Juniper looks beautiful in the fall

Getting ready to portage

En Route to the Jeep

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