Friday, October 23, 2009

White Water Rafting, Exploits River

Back in August, my wife and I did a whitewater rafting trip on the Exploits River in central Newfoundland. Joining us were two other couples Steve and Tara, and Chad and Kathy.

We spent the weekend at Riverfront Chalets owned by Paul and Joy Rose (, who also run the rafting tours ( The chalets are beautiful, and also have an outdoor hot tub. What an amazing time we had! Below are some of the pictures, and there are also some videos on my youtube channel, if anyone is interested in taking a look.

Our group

Swimming in the Badger Chute. You can jump in the rapid, and let the eddy give you a free right right back to where you jumped in. It was a lot of fun

Me jumping in

Angie goes for a ride

Big Splash!!!!

Almost tipping over

Whoops, looks like we lost Steve

Angie and Chad loving it

Angie and Tara riding the bull

"which way should we go?"

A great healthy lunch!

Team Blue-Young

When we tipped our raft over, I think I got Chad's shoulder in the face!

Badger Chute

Paul and Mike size up the chute

One of our guides, Mike did a great fire-spinning performance that night

Riverfront Chalets


Tony said...

I imagine the Beothuck also had to run the Badger Chute, or would they have portaged?

Tony :-)

Brian Newhook said...

I'd say they ran it with gusto!!

Snowkite Canada said...

Awesome Newfoundland River Rafting pics

rafting cagayan de oro said...

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