Monday, April 7, 2008

Cross Country Skiing in Whitbourne

Being a beautiful day on Saturday, I decided to dust off the ol' cross country skis and go for a short run near my house. I had a few hours to kill before supper, and the wintertime extra insulation I have grown around my midsection was reason enough to get outside for a little exercise. Besides that, there were a few ponds and rivers that I wanted to check out, for a route I had been checking out on the map for this spring. If the rivers were big enough, I could paddle down the river near my house, and link up with a few ponds and end up at the pond near the town council. It would be about 7kms total, and make for a fun afternoon excrusion for some inland paddling.

So I strapped on the skis in my driveway and headed out.... The ponds were open in places, and there was not a lot of snow left, but I managed to pick my way about 4 kms from my house and determine what way the rivers flowed, and that I could indeed paddle down them in my kayak.

Now I have to keep praying for spring!

Rock Over London, Rock on Chicago

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