Friday, April 11, 2008

First Paddle of the Season

....and I forgot my camera.........turned the house upside down, and it turns out I had it left at the unfortunatly, there are no pictures. Last year, the first paddle of the season in Colinet I also forgot my camera. Seems to be a trend.

Me and Ang went to Old Shop/South Dildo yesterday evening around 7pm and launched from the beach on Brazil's Road, and went for a quick 1hr paddle around the point and back. The pack ice has pretty much moved off, but there was still enough for us to play around in. We also saw a huge bald eagle less than 50ft away from us on the shoreline. That was worth the whole trip!

Rain for the next 5 days...........can't wait to get on the water again. Spring is here!

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago.

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Anonymous said...

absolutely wonderful photos, looks like you are enjoying life to the fullest, good for you
all the best
Pete n Sandy