Monday, April 28, 2008

Little Harbour

On Saturday, myself and Trent Hardy left Little Harbour, Placentia Bay for a nice 15km paddle. No real plan, we'd just head south along the shoreline and head back whenever we felt like it. The NE wind was forecast at 20kph gusting to 40kph, so the hills and shoreline protected us from the winds most of the way, except going around the different headlands. We headed south until reaching Pinchgut Point, took a peek inside and saw that the NE winds were blowing pretty hard out of greater pinchgut, so we headed back towards Little Harbour. We stopped on one of the beaches for a lunch, and tried out my new drysuit, and also my new waterproof camera (see the underwater photo below) Looks like I'll have some fun with that this summer. As we were heading into Little Harbour, the winds had really started blowing, making forward progress very hard, so we ducked into a small cove for a fire, a lunch, and waited it out. Finally after waiting a few hours, the winds dropped enough to let us make the last km or so back to the car. I took some great video of the winds from that cove, however I accidentally erased it. I also screwed up half of the pictures, not fully understanding the functions of my new camera. That won't happen again! I'm going to try to figure out how to post videos here, then I'll post a few small clips of the wind that day.
Leaving Little Harbour
Rocky coastline
Interesting formation, looks something like a gorilla's head

Lots of small hideaway beaches Underwater picture test
Lovin' my new drysit
Lunch Beach
Looking into Little Harbour
Blow Ye Winds!!!!!
Waiting for the NE winds to die down


Alison Dyer said...

good on you Brian. I've yet to get this year's salt on the Shadow.

Brian Newhook said...

Thanks Alison, you'll get back on the water soon, although today is probably not the day....damn RDF!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice shots Brian, soon we'll be paddling frequently I hope. Nice underwater shot!

Anonymous said...

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