Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Iceberg near Cavendish

Yesterday evening me and Trent went to Cavendish, Trinity Bay to have a look at a huge iceberg grounded about 2 kms offshore. It was a beautiful evening, but a bit windy once we got outside the cove. We saw 2 seals, and 2 whales and had a bit of fun in the surf outside the cove. We didn't get up real close but here are some pics that I took.

Rock Over London, Rock on Chicago


Tony said...

Great shots there Brian, especially the sunset shots.

Tony :-)

michael said...

Brian - great photos. Maybe we will be able get out with you for a pre retreat paddle run out of Old Shop or somewhere thereabouts.mike

Alison Dyer said...

could this e the same berg i saw from hants hbr (seemed like it was off old perlican) easter weekend?

what kind of whales did you see?

sometime, we've got to coordinate paddling in this bay!! alison

Brian Newhook said...

Thanks for the comments.
Anytime any of you are going to be in the area, drop me a line and we'll try to hook up for a paddle. However, I will be off the island from May 15 to June 15. Me and Ang are spending a month in the Eastern Mediterranean, including 4 days paddling in southern Croatia, can't wait!
Alison, I'd say that was indeed the same berg, and the whales we saw were potheads (pilot whales).