Monday, April 13, 2009

To Pedal or To Paddle

This was the choice I was faced with Friday morning. Alas, my paddling partner (my lovely wife, Angie) had to work, so rather than risk a solo paddle (something I'm building up to, when I feel comfortable enough with my skill level), I decided to pull out my $100 Canadian Tire "Supercycle" mountain bike, pump up the tires and grease the chain and head out on the T'railway for a few hours. The T'railway is the railway bed that runs across the island, from Port Aux Basques to St. John's. The railway was decomissioned in 1988, and later made a part of the Trans Canada Trail. Its 883 kms long and runs right through my community. I left my house at 12pm and rode to Ocean Pond and back on the T'railway, a distance of 16.2kms, which took me about 1hr45min. Not much snow left on the trail, although I did wipeout on some ice at one point :-)

It rained the entire time, and I got soaking wet, but I did get good workout.

The one thing I'd like to note when comparing pedaling vs paddling, pedaling sure is a lot harder on the butt!

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago

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