Friday, December 11, 2009

Finding the Outdoor Paradise Close to Home

Given the recent introduction of winter, as I'm sure the other Newfoundland paddlers/bloggers are doing, I find myself looking back at pictures of the paddling trips I did this past summer. I stumbled across a few that I did not blog about.

Living outside the city, I feel lucky to have the solitude of nature right at my doorstep. Back in June, the first weekend after we returned from our honeymoon, Angie and I, along with Trent and Andrea had a spur of the moment overnight paddling trip. Making this decision a few hours before dark meant that we had few options. How about on the far end of the second pond in Whitbourne? There is a small beach, on the far end of this pond, with a small clearing in the woods behind just big enough for 2 tents. Perfect.

With the put-in less than a kilometre from my house we launched, made the short 2.75km paddle to the camping spot and got set up just before dark. It was a great night under the stars, with drinks, laughs and of course, marshmellows and weiners. It was paradise to me.

No matter where you live, always try to find the outdoor paradise close to home. Sometimes its right under your nose.

How many months until spring??


Starting on Junction Pond

Second Pond

Rooster uses one of our tarp poles for a chew toy


abduk said...

hey Brian
that yellow tent up there is that a original Tarn tent from MEC? I have been looking for what the original tarn was like and can find zero info.

Brian Newhook said...

That tent is the "TGV" model, from MEC. Its a pretty good 4 season tent, although it is small, even for 2 people. I've never seen the original Tarn tent either.