Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hopeall Bay

I can't remember the last weekend it wasn't windy and raining. This past weekend was no exception. Gale Warnings in effect all over eastern Newfoundland. This makes it tough to get out on the ocean for a paddle. In fact, I think the last time I had my kayak on salt water was back at the end of August. The wind has always pushed me inland to rivers.

With gales forecast somewhere in the vicinity of 35 knots from the SW on Sunday, Trent and I headed to Hopeall, in Trinity Bay, which is very sheltered from SW winds, for a couple hours of paddling in the morning. Altogether it was around 9-10kms. We paddled out as far as Hopeall Head, poked our heads out into the gale and turned around and headed back.

One thing of interest we saw was a recently deceased dolphin on the beach. Would have been nice to see it alive in the water.

With any luck I'll get on the water again this weekend.

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago

Hopeall Bay, Trinity Bay

Setting forth

Trent framed in by the wharf

Something dead on the beach

Poor dolphin, would have been nice to see it alive and swimming next to our boats

Trent with Hopeall Island in the background

Hopeall Head

Getting ready to poke our heads out into the gale

Looks pretty nasty out there, SW gales 35 knots

Lunch break


abduk said...

Funny part was I knew of your journey all the way up in Ontario yesterday.Where you launched is in front of my house, mom told me about the kayaks she saw lol.You walked down our garden path to get to the launch.

next time your out that way it's worth hauling into georges cove and walking to the top of the head.Nice view.Believe it or not you can see whitebourne watertower.

Brian Newhook said...

Haha, its really a small world isn't it. Just before we launched we chatted with an older chap who lived up the road that was retired from the coast guard. Nice fellow, with a nice dog.

We stopped in Georges Cove for a lunch, but didn't walk to the top of the head. We'll have to do that next time.

abduk said...

collie I bet with a beard?Mr hunt.
Good guy.
small world indeed.Mom was explaining the kayak colours as if
I would know who it was.

theres a helo landing pad and a lighthouse out on the head to see as well.