Monday, December 21, 2009

Portugal Cove to St Philips

Yesterday Trent and I paddled from Portugal Cove to St Philips and back. It was my first ever December paddle, as well as my first paddle in that area. I usually don't drive into "town" to paddle, and stick to my area, Trinity Bay. Great coastline, I think I'll have to return to that area during the summer.

It was very, very foggy and rainy, but it was mild, with no wind, so it made for a decent day to paddle. We departed near the Bell Island ferry terminal and headed south for St Philips. There was a bit of swell coming from the northwest, but once we got into the protection of Bell Island, conditions were pretty benign. The paddle was roughly 10kms return and took us a little less than 2 hours. A good day on the water for December.

Happy first day of Winter. Hopefully I can get out to do a few more of these winter paddles, if conditions allow. I'm a VERY cautious paddler, so I don't take this stuff lightly. Things can get very bad in a hurry in these waters during the summer, let alone the winter. So I always proceed with caution.

Merry Christmas

Heading south

Very short clip of a sea cave

Sea cave

Sea Cave - beware of falling ice!

St Philips in the background

St Philips

Heading North

Can't see Bell Island for the fog

Back in Portugal Cove


Tony said...

I was tempted to do that paddle by myself but talked myself out of it. Had I known I would have joined you. The easiest way to paddle this is to put-in in the harbour at St. Philips and return there so you can wash up in the river.

Tony :-)

Brian Newhook said...

The river wash up sounds like a good idea. I would have been great to see you on the water. As usual, it was a spur of the moment decision at a spur of the moment location.

Merry Christmas to you

abduk said...

It's good to get somewhere new, but trinity bay is not only big but varying for sure.

The trick to trinity bay is to look "out" the bay. If you see a dark line on the horizon it's time to go home.

Even out towards georges cove can get pretty nasty. Ask fellow KNL member rob P about his first time in a kayak. Surf launch and everything!Brilliant!

(I put him in and shoved him..he somehow made it!)