Monday, February 8, 2010

Kayaking in Croatia: Lokrum Island

On our first day in Dubrovnik, we did an afternoon paddle around the city walls and circumnavigated Lokrum island, about 1/2km offshore from Dubrovnik. It was spectacular to say the least. The day was absolutely beautiful, except for a massive thundercloud that came in and rained on us for about a half hour.

Our guide Marko, from Adriatic Kayak Tours ( was really good, we started in the cove near our apartment. After leaving there, we paddled around the city walls, high up on cliffs and then into the harbour. We then scooted across to paddle around Lokrum Island Lokrum Island is pretty interesting. It has a 11th century monestary on it, as well as a nude beach. The monastery is not occupied now, and is currently being restored. There are also wild peacocks on the island. Just as we landed on the island it really started to pour, so we decided to take a quick dip in the ocean. After the rain slacked off we explored the island. When Napleoan conquered Dubrovnik in 1806, he built a fort on the island that we hiked up to. It must have been a real pain to build, because its on top of this steep road all the way to the top of the hill. I realize the pic doesn't look that steep, but trust me, it was a pain to walk up with wet sandals on.

Apparently Richard the Lionheart was shipwrecked on this island in 1192 after returning from the crusades, and the monks there helped him and his men, so to give thanks he built a church in their honor in Dubrovnik.

There is also a small salt water lake there. After exploring the island (minus the nude beach) we finished our paddled around and went into a few sea caves along the way before returning to the old city about 6:30 in the evening.

All and all a great taste of the paddling in Dubrovnik.

Next, kayaking around Kolocep island.

Marko setting Angie's foot pegs

Dubrovnik's City Walls, high on the cliffs

"Hole in the Wall" restaurant and bar

Lokrum Island in the background

Inside Dubrovnik's Harbour

The quarantine building

Lokrum Island

Cliffs of Lokrum Island

The "Dead Sea" swimming hole

Peacock on monastery ruins

Napoleon's Fort

Old Town Dubrovnik

The monastery

Huge cave

Lovely evening


abduk said...

Nice to see Croatia moving forward.

Awesome photos, looked like quite the trip!

Brian Newhook said...

thanks for the comment, it was indeed an awesome trip.