Thursday, February 25, 2010

To the top of 'Tolt'

As a kid, I would hear people refer to the hill behind my grandfathers house in Norman's Cove, but I never quite got what they were actually saying. Was it "Tote" or "Toat" or "Toqe" or "Tope"??? I could never tell. But due to the wonders of the Internets, and the online Dictionary of Newfoundland English (thanks to my sister, Mandy, for telling me about it) . I was able to look it up, and low and behold, its "Tolt: A prominent rounded hill rising above the surrounding terrain"

About a month ago, on a Sunday afternoon, my wife and I went for short hike to the top of Tolt. We parked our car across from the "Dark Zone" and followed the ATV path into the base and climbed our way to the top. It was a bit icy on the rocks, but there were enough small trees and shrubs to get a hold of to pull our way to the top. What a beautiful view!

Looking south toward Chapel Arm

Looking north toward Long Cove, you can see the Bonavista peninsula far in the distance

Looking west down at Norman's Cove Pond

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