Monday, February 15, 2010

Old Shop

On Friday afternoon I managed to get out for a short paddle in Old Shop, Trinity Bay. It has been so mild for the past week, temps have been hovering around 0 and +1C. The winds were forecast to drop off in the afternoon so I hit the water at 3pm and paddled north towards Dildo Island, hugging the side of the peninsula. I don't often paddle solo, but given the right conditions and location, I get out from time to time. I paddled about 5 kms altogether and it was great to get on the water again after a month off. It was raining with drizzle, so most of my pictures were blurry, but here are a few. It sure was nice to get on the water again.

Lots of small stages along the way

Once past the houses, the coastline gets a little more interesting

Dildo Head, buried in the fog

Some icicles

Mini glacier

Heading back

Back to civilization


Lee said...

brian a good spot out there is locally known as Marleys cove. The whole cliff side (under snow/ice I would guess now) however it is filled with fossils. Worth checking out.

Thanks again for the photo's of home.

Bryan said...

I was looking over the pictures from this post, and I wondered to myself, "What part of Lake Superior is this?" And then I realized that it wasn't Lake Superior at all. It's amazing how alike the terrain is where you took this paddle and the Lake Superior shoreline where I paddle.

Brian Newhook said...

Thanks for the comments. I've been to Marley's Cove several times, but never knew about the fossils, thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to check that out the next time I'm there.

I've never paddled Lake Superior, but I've spent some time in the Marquette area of Michigan. I hope to get back there some day for some paddling. If its similar to the terrain we have here...then it must be awesome! :-)