Monday, April 27, 2009

Kayak Modifications

Over the winter I made a few minor changes to my kayak. I installed an under deck bag ( underneath the foredeck. It was a pretty easy installation, took about 30 minutes.

After installing it, I noticed that there was a space that would be perfect for storing my bilge pump, all I needed was a few d-rings glued to the deck for the bungee's to be tied on to. In the end, this is what it looked like.

I also installed a deck netting that Angie gave me for Christmas. It should make for a more secure place to store my GPS and other items. Here's what it looked like.

There are a few other mods I'd like to do with my boat, but for now, its not time to have my boat laid up in my garage, its time to paddle. Maybe next winter :-)

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Iceberg near Cavendish

Yesterday evening me and Trent went to Cavendish, Trinity Bay to have a look at a huge iceberg grounded about 2 kms offshore. It was a beautiful evening, but a bit windy once we got outside the cove. We saw 2 seals, and 2 whales and had a bit of fun in the surf outside the cove. We didn't get up real close but here are some pics that I took.

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Friday, April 17, 2009


Yesterday evening me and Trent headed out of Torbay for a few hours. It was a cold evening, about -4C and the winds were forecast for 30 gusting to 50km/hr, however, the winds had been from the west for the past few days, so we knew this area would be sheltered and there would be little swell from the east. It was my first time paddling in this area and I was very impressed with the coastline, with its caves, cliffs and waterfalls. The only problem was the snow was causing my camera lens to blur so a lot of my pictures didn't come out right. But anyways here are a few.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

To Pedal or To Paddle

This was the choice I was faced with Friday morning. Alas, my paddling partner (my lovely wife, Angie) had to work, so rather than risk a solo paddle (something I'm building up to, when I feel comfortable enough with my skill level), I decided to pull out my $100 Canadian Tire "Supercycle" mountain bike, pump up the tires and grease the chain and head out on the T'railway for a few hours. The T'railway is the railway bed that runs across the island, from Port Aux Basques to St. John's. The railway was decomissioned in 1988, and later made a part of the Trans Canada Trail. Its 883 kms long and runs right through my community. I left my house at 12pm and rode to Ocean Pond and back on the T'railway, a distance of 16.2kms, which took me about 1hr45min. Not much snow left on the trail, although I did wipeout on some ice at one point :-)

It rained the entire time, and I got soaking wet, but I did get good workout.

The one thing I'd like to note when comparing pedaling vs paddling, pedaling sure is a lot harder on the butt!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Paddle of the Season

Although the forecast was far from perfect, (the usual spring time RDF: rain, drizzle and fog), the air temperature was 8 degrees and there was absolutely no wind. Sounds like a perfect day to get out on the water and get my sea legs back.

Me, Ang, Trent and Andrea left Spread Eagle, Trinity Bay and paddled over to Little Ridge and back. A great way to pass away a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. All the ice had gone out of the bay, but there were a few bits of sea ice around here and there. We also saw a few eagles and ducks along the way. This is a very interesting stretch of coastline, and is quickly becoming one of my favourite places to paddle. The fact that its 10 minutes from my house helps :-)

Here are a few shots of the day.

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