Monday, September 22, 2014

Heidi's First Paddle

Before the summer was over, I had to get Heidi in a kayak for the first time. I wanted kayaking to be a part of her life from the get go, and basically to never remember her first time in a kayak. So last week we got out for a short paddle around Little Goose Pond. Mommy and Daniel came to watch the maiden voyage as well.

Dragging the boat down the hill to the pond

All smiles as we get ready to paddle away

The start of what will hopefully be a lifetime of paddling!
Life has been pretty hectic, between work and family life, so there hasn't been much time for paddling. That said we've been having a blast all summer every day that I wasn't working. Lots to see and do around our beautiful province. When I get a rainy afternoon I'll post some pics of some of the paddling Angie and I did on the SW coast while we were visiting my family.

Arthritis update. My knee has been doing pretty good. Simponi has been nothing short of a miracle. Still experience some pain from time to time, and there is some permanent damage done in there, but nothing that I can't live with. Just have to do what are within my limits and take it easy when I have to. More details on all that at a later date...Its early morning and I have to get to work.