Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bay Bulls

On Sunday afternoon my wife and I got out for a few hours in Bay Bulls. Nothing serious, just a lazy afternoon on the water. We paddled the south shore of Bay Bulls out to the Big Cove Point and back, stopping into the caves and small nooks and crannies along the way. The total distance was around 10kms. We were hoping to see whales, but had no luck. Maybe next time.

Departing Bay Bulls

Heading for the south side

Interesting side by side slot caves

Lots of caves on the south side

The cliffs are awesome in Island Cove

This small cave went in pretty deep

Heading in around Spoon Island

Going inside Spoon Island

I've always seen this area from the cliffs of the East Coast Trail, never from the water. Its very nice down here.

Angie facing the massive cave in what I think is Long Harry Cove

Me and Ang

A rare photo of me on my own blog :-)

Big Cove

Big cave in Big Cove

More small caves

Captain Orlebars Cairn stands high over Bay Bulls

This one really looks like an open mouth

More small caves

Monday, July 19, 2010

Gander River Canoe Trip - Year X

So this is year number 10 for the annual Gander River Canoe Trip. I attended once before in 2008 (see http://newfoundlandseakayaking.blogspot.com/2008/07/gander-river-canoe-trip.html)

I was lucky enough to attend again this year, it of course it was a blast. We caught 7 salmon and a beauty 1.5lb trout. Instead of the usual 4 day trip, this year being year X, it was stretched out to 5 days, with the extra day being spent fishing at Lou's pool.

The weather was great except for the rain on the last day. It was really warm, almost too warm, but compared to my last trip in 2008 when the temperature never went into double digits, being too warm was very welcome.

One of the boys, Colin Power, set up a website that has a lot of info and pics on the annual trip, it can be viewed here http://canoetrip.weebly.com/

Great friends, great food and lots of cold beer made for a great trip.

Departing Glenwood

Shawn showing off our custom paddles. On the blade it says "Gander River Canoe Trip" with the X standing for year 10. We each had our names engraved in the handle as well. Pretty sweet.

Bailing out after big chute. This year nobody went in. Good job guys, I think we are getting better at this canoe stuff.

Bailing out after big chute

Gilly and Batti are going ashore to try a few casts here

Checking to see if Bill is home........he wasn't

Camp #1 at Joe Batts - what a day to relax, drink and enjoy the sun

Camp #2 at Lou's Pool, we spend 2 nights here.

Gilly giving the boys a lesson in knot tying

Leon showing off his 1.5lb trout. It was delicious!

Proof that we actually did more than drink and laze around. Nice one Batti!

More proof, this one by D-man......Phil looks rotted, LOL

Packing up to leave Lou's Pool

Stopping to get more ice and beer. What a setup, a wind powered freezer. Cold beer anyone?

License plate on a canoe? Too funny

Sailing across the pond makes for a relaxing paddle

Maybe too relaxing for some people

Our last camp at Kevin's Cabin

Bullwinkle ready to charge

"We love thee smiling land"

Tents in the sunset

Campfires and guitars go hand in hand

Rain on the last day??? Booo! But it did clear up in the afternoon

Finished in Gander Bay
A Fine Crowd - Here's to Year X