Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Deep Cove, British Columbia

My job has me traveling to Vancouver from time to time, doing work with Vancouver Shipyard, aka Seaspan. Normally its a very busy time, and there is very little time for leisure, but this trip was a little different. Unbeknownst to me, August 3rd was a holiday in BC, so the shipyard was closed, leaving me and my coworker, Rob Cranford free for an entire day. My first thought was 'where is the closest place i can paddle?'

Turns out the answer was only a 15 min drive from our hotel in North Vancouver: Deep Cove in Indian Arm!

What a beauty Day! We rented two singles for the entire day for about $85 each was where we got the rentals. Nice location!

Given that it was a holiday, and the weather was amazing, there were watercrafts of all sorts out and about.

Kind of hard to see, but there are 2 or 3 seals in this picture

Can`t imagine how much this property is worth right now!
Rob did awesome for his first time on the water.

Some inventive solutions for getting to your floating dock. These were everywhere.
We paddled about 10km up Indian Arm where we stopped for lunch and turned around

All together we paddled about 20kms. Such a nice escape from the hectic pace that life has become. My knee held up well for 8 hrs of paddling, although at the end of the paddle i had to change positions of my leg a few times to give it a rest from being in the same position so long. 

And of course, no trip to BC would be complete without taking in a concert. I got up to see my fave band Current Swell play in Squamish at the music festival. As usual they were awesome!

Current Swell - if you`ve never heard them, please check them out!