Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Belize Trip - Day #4 Bread & Butter Caye

We planned to spend 3 nights at Billy Hawk Caye, going out for day trips to different areas looking for good snorkeling spots. What a fantastic spot to camp for a few days. Free rainwater for drinking and showering, lots of hammocks, picnic tables, even a volleyball court. You can get beer here for $2.50 each, but give them plenty of notice so they can put them on ice for you. On our first night Alex offered us some of the big pot of conche soup he had cooked. It was amazing, but be careful how much hot sauce you add, Alex likes the stuff that says 'BEWARE' on the side, haha.

Here are some pictures from around the campground:
Robbie finds a nice spot for our tent

Even a volleyball net
Can't beat this view

After breakfast, we headed out explore around Bread and Butter Caye, a short paddle south of Billy Hawk. We were told by Leif at IE that the best snorkeling on the inner reef was on the northern side of Bread and Butter, so we were excited to check it out.

Short day paddle

Night times were spent like this, sipping rum and swaying in our hammocks out over the water