Thursday, August 3, 2017

Belize Trip - Windy Days

We had to stick around Billy Hawk Caye for an additional day due to the winds. I must admit, there are worse places to spend a day land bound. Throughout the day we spent some time snorkeling on the lee side of the island, relaxing in the hammocks, eating, drinking and even playing a bit of volleyball.

Blow Ye Winds! This hammock served as our wind gauge for the day
The winds made quite the mess of the eastern side of the island
The following morning the small craft warning was lifted, so we decided to pack up and go for it. It was our second last day and our ride was going to meet us at Malcolm's Caye, about 10kms away. It was a sad good-bye to this Caye, what a special place. I really hope to come back someday with my family.

The longest open water crossing is only 'this big'

The crossing from Hangman's Caye to Malcolms has a few cayes along the way, which was great to stop and get out of the wind for a few minutes and take a break.

Rob taking a break at Ragged Caye
Another breezy day
Campsite at Malcolm's Caye
This fishing shack was right next to our campsite. Made for a great spot for cooking
We did some snorkeling around the sandbar next to the island that afternoon, saw some stingrays, and a lobster. It was our last full day on the cayes :(

More to come!