Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Arthritis Chronicles

Been a while since my last post, and a fair bit has happened.....but nothing really paddling related unfortunately. Heidi is getting bigger every day, and keeping us busy as parents, and very entertained to say the least.

I had some news during that fall that kind of put a damper on my lifestyle. I woke up one sunday morning back in November, and my knee felt a little tight. Better layoff the fitness for a day or two, I thought, let it rest up. But it only got worse. Went to see my doctor. He thought it may be an injury, so it was off to get an X-ray, which turned out ok, so then it was on to get bloodwork. Positive rheumatoid factor, plus I've have psoriasis most of my life. So it looks like either rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis in my left knee. I've been limping around since November and it sucks! Next is an a appointment with a rheumatologist in late March to finally get a proper diagnosis and start a proper treatment. Its been a bummer to say the least, but I know things could always be a lot worse, so I'm trying to stay positive about everything. At least it shouldn't affect my paddling right?

On a much brighter note, we bought a cabin 2 weeks ago in the Traytown area. It is exactly what we were looking for. Under a 2 hour drive from home, in a sheltered cove on the saltwater, with access only by boat or atv/ski-doo (and on foot of course). We weren't actively looking for a cabin, but sometimes when something like this comes up, you just have to go for it. Hoping to get out there this weekend to check a few things out. Its an amazing area for paddling, can't wait to get out and explore the area this spring.

Hope everyone is enjoying the winter. And if your knees work and cherish them :-)

A few pics of our cabin. Bit of work to do on it here and there, but thats part of the fun.