Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's A Boy!

Say hello to Daniel Newhook, born May 19 at 3:48am. He came into the world very fast! Him and Momma are doing well, and Heidi is very proud to be a big sister. Exciting times!

Monday, May 5, 2014


After one of the roughest winters in recent memory it was so nice to get back on the water yesterday evening. A week of Northeast winds have pushed some mighty icebergs into our waters, and one was pretty close to where I work, so after punching in some OT I rewarded myself with an evening paddle. The first one since September. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Seal Cove slipway. Amazing berg off in the distance

Life this past winter has had its challenges. A malfunctioning washing machine led to a flood on the main floor of our house that put us at the in-laws for 26 days. Angie is due with our new baby in 13 days, and Heidi, 3 yrs old now is not sleeping at night. Not to mention 50 hr work weeks. One of the best (or worst, depending on your perspective) winters in recent memory I had to spend staring out the window, wishing I was on ski's, or on my snow machine. My knee just was not up to it. So yeah,

Things like that make short paddles like I had yesterday that much more rewarding. Sitting on the water, breathing the air and witnessing one of natures great spectacles is good for the soul. 

We are getting closer!

A little update on my arthritis situation. For 18 months I have massive inflammation in my left knee that did not respond to any treatment. Very frustrating and disheartening, but not the end of the world if you keep things in perspective. I was very, very close to have a synovectomy performed by an orthopedic surgeon, when I found out I'd been approved for Simponi, and once a month injection (biologic). This is basically the last hope for people in my situation. My rhuemotologist informed me that it was very rare for someone with just one joint issue to be prescribed this medication, so it let me know how serious the situation was. Got an injection March 25, and the difference has been nothing short of miraculous. While I'm still not 100%, still don't have the full range of motion back, the improvement is very encouraging. I no longer have a limp! So I'm keeping at it, and hopefully it just keeps getting better and better until all the ROM is back, and all the strength is back. Long road, but its the road I'm on :-)

Amazing features on this berg. Massive pinnacle and lots of deep blue colours. Reminds me of a similar berg we paddled around near Keels several years ago, only this one is a little smaller.

A quick scoot around the berg (without getting to close), some photo taking, and foraging for a small chunk of ice for the freezer and we were back at the launch. 1.5 hrs of bliss.

So I'm back on the water, and soon to be a dad for the second time.  The adventure continues....and life is good.......